Violent Stockton Police Officer Jeremiah Skaggs harasses homeless lady with senseless jaywalking ticket

Jeremiah Skaggs is a violent Stockton Police Officer who beats and tazes People for filming. He should be in prison. Lucky for him, Chief Jones has his back and is hiding the body cam footage.

Chief Jones also refuses to release the names of the officers directly involved in the beating.

Copwatch: Violent Felonious Oath Breaker Gives Jaywalking Ticket

Published 7/25/2020
This Stockton PD officer who, along with his unidentified buddies, beat and tazed Copwatcher Airkqqled Accountability nearly to death just for filming, should be in prison. But this violent felon is not in prison. He is out giving jaywalking tickets to little poor ladies and doing other things to harm people... and we found him.

Jeremiah Skaggs is one of the bad apples featured in our music video
Stockton On Our Mind

Jeremiah Skaggs and his fellow hoodlums, all bike cops, beat copwatcher for filming


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