Antwane Burrise Shooting and Stockton racist bad apple Officer David Wells

 David Wells, who previously killed black man Colby Friday, is again involved with the killing of another black man. This man is Antwane Burrise. David Wells is the Animal Control Officer in the video and appears to be the primary shooter.

David Wells' racist policing is well documented. Some videos from other channels are below.

David Wells "forgot" to turn on his body cam when he killed Colby Friday.  

For his killing of Burrise, Stockton PD simply refuses to be transparent, only releasing a few seconds of a body cam.

Video of shooting - this was cut from the "Critical Incident Briefing" and only has the few seconds of body cam that SPD released.

PIO Joey Silva stating the body cam footage would be released in 30 days.

Full Critical Incident video released by Stockton PD

Other report on David Wells by Stockton Street Press

David Wells Racial Profiling Young Black Men Part 1 and 2

David Wells harrassing innocent youth at park

David Wells - unlawful search and seizure of disable youth


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