Stockton PD Standoff with Suicidal Man Ends Peacefully

 A pleading mother's prayers were answered when, amazingly, Stockton PD, stood down and left, ending a three hour stand off with a distressed man. It was an emotional night on the street.

The mother of the man constantly advocated for her son; the value of which was immeasurable.

Luckily, no one was "helped to death" by the police. Keep protesting! This man's life mattered much more than the police egos and the police are starting to see that!

This was a very fortunate end to the incident considering Stockton PD has possibly the worst negotiator on the planet. The negotiator was being openly dishonest over the magaphone much to the dismay of the worried family outside.

Date of incident: 8/17/2020.
15 min version on Insta @209badapples


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