Conversation with Abused Innocent Senior Citizen black man severely abused by Stockton PD.

 A routine traffic stop; ie, SPD takes the Hispanic out of his car, handcuffs him, and searches him, then lets him go, leads to a conversation with a senior black man SPD abused. Combines unreleased footage of a reported DUI accident from 7/7 and the traffic stop and conversation on 7/29.

On 7/7, Stockton PD decided a black man was DUI causing accident and they harshly handcuffed him for four hours until the hospital cleared the man.  He had had nothing to drink.

Extra tight handcuffs is one of Stockton PD's favorite torture devices for black men.

#Copwatch StocktonPolice Abuse #RacistPolice #FTP Always film the police


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