Racial Profiling Cuff, Search and Release program by Stockton PD Anthony Brown

 Anthony Brown #3023 is a traffic cop with Stockton Police most often partnered with Justin Jamora #2998 on Second Shift. 

Justin Jamora actively participates in Anthony Brown's tactics.

Anthony Brown is known to prowl Hammer Lane, Mariners, Kelly Drive Area. He has been well documented using racial profiling in how he treats persons of color during traffic stops.

It should be noted, Canda Press has several unreleased videos of this officer as well and he could be featured more; although, frankly, we have reached the point of saturation with this one officer and the evidence is undeniable.

Note: Officer Brown is generally friendly and non-physically abusive during his stops.  One of his weapons is being a likable guy, and he uses that to get his his prey talking. He has not been observed being violent, overtly abusive, or unprofessional.

SPD Anthony Brown

The following videos have been published to date featuring Anthony Brown:

Anthony Brown and Justin Jamora were both featured in our music video:
 Stockton on Our mind

Published August 5, 2020  

Anthony Brown is prowling one of his favorite spots, Mariners and Hammer, when he races at high speed to catch a car he wants to pull over. He then contrives a "nonreflective license plate" violation as his excuse. You guessed it, cuffed, searched, released.


Published July 26, 2020: Fun loving, calm, friendly black man is treated like a criminal when he cuffed, forced to sit on sidewalk, car searched, and released - Mariners and Hammer


Published July 15, 2020:  Black male is pulled over and he is given the treatment - cuffed, searched, released.   


Published July 9, 202:  Compilation of three stops, including the stop of white kids in a car. It is unsuprising the white kids were let get with a warning. Their car was not searched. None were handcuffed. -Hammer


Published June 28, 2020: Stockton Police harass black lives matter protesters and give mother of boy they shot 49 times a cell phone ticket.  Note: Officer Brown was not the only officer in this case


Published June 23, 2020: Hispanic man handcuffed, car searched, released


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