San Joaquin DA Delaying Reports on Police Killings


San Joaquin DA Tori Verber-Salazar has not released  reports on the following police killings, that were perpetrated a year or more past.  
In all instances, the officers are already back on the streets.
In many instances, a public cover up, including distorting facts and overt lies by the police agency has occurred.

Saoun Pol - Questionable deadly force, possibly murder by Officer Jorge Andrade

Bobby Ray Moore
San Joaquin Sheriff refuses to release deputy name

Antwane Burrise - Unarmed with hands up - shot by three officers after being rammed in a CRT ambush attack.

Chief Jones lied and stated Burrise rammed police, body cams prove otherwise
Body cams proved Burrise was shot with his hands up.

John Griffin: murdered Matautu Nuu and shooter of Misty Holt-Singh (one of 30 named)
David Wells: Shooter of Colby Friday and well known for his community terrorism
Blake Epperson: CRT - now a motor officer

Chester Jenkins - SJ Sheriff Shooting
San Joaquin Sheriff refuses to release deputy name

Shayne Sutherland - unarmed died begging for air
Asphyxiated to death by SPD officers:
John Afanasiev 
Ronald Zalunardo - shooter of Misty Holt-Singh (one of 30 named)
Several Chief Jones lies


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