Stockton Police Officers who violently attacked copwatcher for filming identified

Violent, rights violating Stockton Police bike gang members Jeremiah Skaggs, Zachary Adams, and Sean McPherson identified!

Stockton Police violently attacked Police Accountability Journalist Airkqqled Accountability

On May 27, 2020, Jeremiah Skaggs, Zachary Adams, and Sean McPherson beat Airkqqled Accountability to within an inch of life, bruising his ribs and breaking his arm in two spots.

Stockton PD claims in their report that he is not "official press". After months of coverup, the three officers were finally identified. The three cops are identified as Jeremiah Skaggs, who beat and tackled AC, Zachary Adams who used the taser continuously, and Sean McPherson who beat AC with the baton and likely used his baton to break AC's arm.
The copwatcher was arraigned today in Dept IIIA of San Joaquin Superior Court for "resisting arrest". He pled not guilty and the matter was set in November for a Defense Motion to Dismiss.

In the report, Stockton police attempted to justify their "hands on" due to a muni code violation of infraction "standing on a median".

Stockton Police Officer Sean McPherson
Stockton Police officer Sean McPherson loves to hit people with batons!
Here is the full video when Sean McPherson went to beat a restrained man with his baton; however, when he realized he was being filmed, he stopped.

Stockton Police attempted to claim AC is not press
Despite the First Amendment principal that protects free citizen press, Stockton Police, in violation of their oath to the constitution tried to claim AC is not press. AC has well over 1,000 subscribers to his youtube channel and he is well known to Stockton Police.

Obviously, Stockton police knew exactly who AC was when they attacked him.

Original Video of the police attack

Jeremiah Skaggs, a man who hates the United States Constitution, in all his pornstache glory,  violating our First Amendment right to record police:

Jeremiah Skaggs gives lame jaywalking ticket to homeless - the first time we ran into Skaggs after he beat AC

Always Film the Police!
Canda Press Police accountability journalists working primarily in the 209 and 916. AC's channel:

The only officer previously identified was Jeremiah Skaggs.
Here is Jeremiah Skaggs violating our rights to record:


  1. Any walking in the street, jaywalking or standing in the median, is a safety hazard not only for the pedestrians but also motorists in the area. With that, if the events that were reported by a person running in and out of traffic, this is a serious hazard, and also a violation of California State statue 21954 CVC - Pedestrian in the Roadway. Had this person cooperated, this would have been JUST a traffic citation only.

    1. Your assessment here is compete dung and you must know this. Either way, if that's really how you feel Graham, then commit, as in do you feel the officers were justified in their handling this apparent infraction? I'm so relieved that ignorance such as your display, is finally being treated as such. I pray you are able to see one day, I really do.


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