Justice for Shayne Sutherland

Shayne Sutherland was a father, a coach, a mentor, a son, a grandson and according to those with whom we have spoke, would give the shirt off his back to help another.  

On October 8, when he was the one that needed help, he made a tragic mistake. He called 911 and asked for help from Stockton PD.  Getting "help" from Stockton PD is one of the worst things you could ever receive.

Within a half hour, he was dead. 

He was dearly loved and those that loved him have come out and are proving it.

Officers involved were badapple Ronald Zalunardo and John Afanasiev.  

Ronald Zalunardo was one of the officers sued in relation to the police killing of innocent robbery victim Misty Holt-Sigh.   Zalunardo is a K-9 officer assigned with Stockton's other terrorist K-9 cops: David Wells,  Houston Sensabaugh Stevens, and Gabriel Guerrero.  

 Chief Jones likes to take the psychos, give them a deadly dog, and promote them.

Candlelight Vigil

Audio Dispatch 5 minute cut version:

Audio Dispatch Full version:


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