Stockton Police CRT must be disbanded due to illegal racist policing

Stockton Police call them CRT; the "Community Response Team". We have learned they should be more appropriately called the "Community Racist Terrorists".  This group of officers work directly under the dispatch of a Sergeant. 

CRT Sergeant Alejandro Guerrero, 2nd shift CRT sergeant, is very personable and will often play the
role of "good cop" who just happens to be there and "doesn't know anything".  
In reality, he is running the show and getting his prey to talk. Don't fall for it!

Primarily, CRT has two ongoing missions. CRT provides uniformed response in undercover operations.  CRT also travels around in a wolfpack of 4-5 vehicles engaging in racial profiling, illegal searches, and other rights violations using a gang swarm tactic on a vehicle to intimidate the occupants and then proceed to violate their rights.  

No front license plate could get you gang swarmed, handcuffed,
 and searched by CRT, especially if you are black.

Videos of CRT in action

Stockton Police cannot deny CRT's engagement in unlawful, dishonest, racist practices. Please check out these videos:

1. Vehicular Assault that resulting in the shooting death of Antwaune Burrise.  Chief Jones lied and said Burrise rammed CRT. The body cams that the police were very reluctant to release proved otherwise.  CRT rammed Burrise three times pushing the vehicle about 30 feet into a garage.

2. Confirmed and irrefutable racial profiling

A: CRT's prey is targeted based on race as he is going into 7-11 at Country Club. After he leaves the store, they follow him until a violation is found. He is swarmed, cuffed, searched, and released.

B: As with above, CRT's prey is targeted based on race as he is going into 7-11 at Country Club. CRT follows him after he leaves the store.  Since they can't find a violation, they contrive a violation of "no headlights". Headlights were not legally required at that time.

3. DWB stop, swarm, cuff, and search
A: CRT's prey is pulled over for "no center brake light". He clearly does not consent to the search. He is cuffed and searched anyway.  This video includes driver's perspective and a second video of two young males getting cuffed and searched.

B: CRT's prey is followed, cuffed, and searched even though consent clearly not given and the passenger is yelling that his rights are violated. Stockton PD had the gall to brag about this stop on their facebook page.

C:This CRT DWB pull over, cuff, and search video features Blake Epperson, one of the shooters of Antwuane Burrise, who is obviously back on the street engaging in racial CRT tactics.

D: Stockton CRT swarms, cuffs and searches vehicle occupants for the "crime" of "Stopped While Black".

E: Two males are profiled and searched by CRT; but they don't mind.


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