A1 Towing - Elk Grove driver assaults female Canda Press reporter

Aug 7, 2020  - Elk Grove DUI Check Point - Bond Road

Our reporter was assaulted by a triggered tow truck bootlicker drive. His name was likely Karen.
Female Canda Press reporter assaulted by A1 Towing Driver Elk Grove

If you know Karen's real name, please let us know. Your confidentiality is assured!

During the donut audit, Karen just couldn't control his rage. He waited until our female reporter was alone and he struck, assaulting our reporter.  Even though she stood her ground versus the intimidating driver, she was very frightened. Luckily, the driver did not cause her physical injury.

The assault was broken up by an Elk Grove PD  Sergeant.

A1 Towing Elk Grove
Owner: Mickey Maguire
Lic #140627

August 9, 2020

Dear Mickey Maguire,
We have been made aware that drivers employed by A1 towing, working as contract employees of Elk Grove Police Department,  assaulted and battered our female reporter on 8/7 at a DUI check point in Elk Grove.  This attack was filmed both by the reporter and by law enforcement; who broke up the attack and who twice had to remove your drivers from intimidating the reports.

 Your drivers engaged in other activities to threaten and harass and hinder our First Amendment protected right of freedom of the press.  

I remind this company that your drivers are subject to being filmed both because they are in public and have no expectation of privacy; but even more so, because they are engaged in matters of public interest on behalf of the government; ie, you are directly assisting, for monetary gain, the police in the seizure of private property.  It is completely appropriate and lawful to film this activity.  

Certainly nothing done that night warranted your large male driver sneaking up on and attacking a petite female reporter.

You are hereby ordered to CEASE and DESIST all harassment, assaults, intimidation, and attacks on our reporters..  Any further assaultive behavior by your drivers towards our reporters may result in legal action to including civil lawsuits, injunctions, and restraining orders.  This action may be taken against the drivers, your company, and you personally, Mr. Maguire; not to mention other potential defendants such as the City of Elk Grove and EGPD.

While we have not yet identified, by name, the driver who physically assaulted, harassed, and bullied our reporter, yet, we have included a photograph to aid you in making sure you are on notice of your driver's behavior.  He is the in the green shirt.

This letter, in no way, serves to limit our rights to take legal action against the driver, you, and your company for the assault and battery you are responsible for that took place on 8/7.

Center is A1 Towing driver "Karen" who assaulted and harassed our female reporter. He is flanked by A1 Towing drivers feedledum and feedledummer.


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