Stockton Police Officer Joe Cuellar Rogue Sovereign citizen does not follow policy or the law

This Sovereign Citizen rogue Stockton cop named Joe Cuellar Badge #2991 gives directives then refuses to ID in direct violation of SPD policy.  

Rogue cop Joe Cuellar also does not follow  California law, not to mention common sense, when he knowingly directs a confirmed covid patient with a warrant to the courthouse to "find out what you have".

Stockton PD Policy is very clear.

He runs away, instead of following policy. When confronted, he tries to make more demands. Complete failure.

Joe Cuellar then violates the Health and Safety Code directing a patient whom he knew had Covid, the passenger in the car, to the courthouse to clear the warrant.  Its clear Rogue Joe Cuellar thinks no law or policy applies to him because he is a sovereign of the land.

Attempted intimidation fail by this badapple sovereign oathbreaker who earns the hate everyday.

Clear SPD policy means nothing to Joe Cuellar #2881 and he is a rogue sovereign citizen cop.

Fresh out of "esteemed" Delta College, with less education than the average manicurist, and a couple of years on the job, Joe Cuellar fancies himself above the law and policy. 

Joe M. Cuellar, Jr.
wet behind the ears rookie
pay fresh out of training


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