Stockton School District Police Intimidation Fail with walk of shame

 Aug 12, 2020: Stockton School District cops were hassling a motorist, conducting a traffic stop on Hammer Lane.  Shouldn't they be asleep in the parking lot of a school somewhere like the other District Police?

Why are we funding the District Police? A complete waste of tax payer dollars.

Tyrant Oathbreaker Bad Apples:
Stockton School District Police
Corporal Jamey Teng
Officer Kevin Shum

Jamey Teng does not like the constitution of the United States or California and illegally attempts to intimidate us from recording.

Crimes of criminal Jamey Teng:

Jamey Teng approached us as we were recording about 30 feet from the stop; well within our rights.  We never made a single comment towards them before he approached.  He demands we leave.

Jamey Teng uses his flashlight as a weapon to blind the reporter and obscure the camera, in violation of our free speech rights.

Jamey Teng refuses to identify himself.

Jamey Teng  demands we leave the sidewalk.

Jamey Teng continues to demand we leave the sidewalk even after the motorist was released! There is no stop at all; they are basically trying to control where we stand.

His partner, Kevin Shum, idiotically accuses us of harassing Jamey Teng, refuses to ID himself, and supports Jamey Teng's violation of the constitution.  

All of their intimidation attempts were a complete and total failure. We stood our ground and they both did the walk of shame.


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