Elk Grove DUI Check Point and Road Piracy station 8/21/2020 Audit

  California is dumping nearly $100 million dollars in grant funding; our money; tax money, into select cities for DUI check points. 

On this night in Elk Grove, the tax payers of the state of California paid Elk Grove Police road pirates tens of thousands of dollars to steal two vehicles.  No arrests. No DUIs. Zero good done for society.  This is only good for cop wallets.

Elk Grove is a prime example of what an extraordinary waste of tax dollars this is. This is an overtime/money scheme for police agencies who do little to no work at these check points.  This is a time of defunding police; especially wasteful excess.

The good news: A1 Towing drivers did not assault any females on this night. 
A1 Towing, Elk Grove, owned by Mickey Maguire, 



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