Stockton Police Jeremiah Skaggs beats and taze senior citizen nearly to death for filming in public

On May 27, 2019 Stockton Police Officer Jeremiah Skaggs and other officers beat and tazed a citizen for video recording them.

Skagg's victim: Airkqqled Accountability

Primary Aggressor badapple: Jeremiah Skaggs badge #2835

Several Stockton police officers continued to beat and taze their victim until he was nearly dead.

Stockton Police Chief Jones is covering for his officers by refusing to release body cams of this incident.

Other officers present, assisting, aiding, or abetting:
Grauman #7053
McPherson #2429
Adams #2879
Hammonds #2719
Morrison #2297
Barrington #2599

CandaPress is demanding the arrest of Jeremiah Skaggs and those who aiding and abetted his criminal attack.

Jeremiah needs to be in a orange suit like this:

Jeremiah Skaggs was featured in our music video:
 Stockton on Our mind


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