Stockton Police Targeting Black Men - Radio Traffic CONFIRMED


Stockton PD Racist Stop: On-air racial profiling, follow, stop for speeding, Cuff, and Search

If you somehow have any doubt as to the legitimacy of the claim Stockton PD is racist in their policing, then this is the copwatch video for you. We monitor three white cops racially profiling drivers and target this black man on the radio, then follow him on the freeway, then stopping him for speeding, then cuffing and searching him for speeding. This is exactly how Stockton PD routinely treat persons of color. We didn't get the cops names, because their names didn't really matter. This is Stockton PD personified. This is Stockton PD policy. This is life under the boot of Chief Jones and Mayor Michael Tubbs. If you see police, please do your community a favor and put a camera on them. Every single time. Pull over and help your brother by putting a camera on the cops in your community. Canda Press Police accountability journalists working primarily in the 209 and 916


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