Antwaune Burrise Police Shooting Body Cams

Antwaune Burrise Police Shooting Body Cams - Stockton, California

These are  the full body cam video of the police shooting of Antwuane Burrise on July 15, 2020 at about 12:10 am.  CandaPress redacted the video portions showing the victim.

Stockton Police still have not released the full body cam of John Griffin. He is the officer purportedly in "danger". As Wells' video shows, he was in no danger at all when the officers opened fire.  Griffin is moving from the shooting he knows is going to start.

 It is equally clear by Wells' statements immediately after the shooting but prior to clearing the vehicle that the police had no intention of allowing Burrise to survive this incident.

The videos were redacted by CandaPress out of respect for the Burrise family.   Antwaune is dragged out of the car and across the pavement having been shot in the head multiple times and it is an extremely gory scene. He is deceased.   Stockton PD performed senseless CPR for several minutes before allowing rescue in.

Antwuane Burrise Police Shooting - David Wells - 6 min short video

Antwuane Burrise police shooting - David Wells - 21 min - full version redacted

Antwuane Burrise police shooting - Blake Epperson - 14 min - full version redacted

Antwuane Burrise police shooting - John Griffin - redacted - 4.5 min


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