Camera Stops Stockton Bike Cop from beating restrained mentally ill man

Canda Press was on the scene when a Stockton Cop went to start hitting a mentally ill man with his club after he had be restrained by two other officers. The bike cop, "Mary 13" aka Sean McPherson #2429, wanted to use bean bags. A female officer of a much sounder mind and her partner simply walked up to the man and easily restrained the man.

Once the man was restrained, the cowardly bike cop finally unglued his ass from his motorcycle and went to pounce, preparing to hit the man with his club.

When a Canda Press reporter started yelling and the bike cop noticed the camera, his attitude completely changed and he backed down.

The mentally ill man was yelling but otherwise not physically resisting the arrest at. There was no reason for this cop to come to hit him except the cops own propensity for violence.
Sean McPherson is one of the officers named in beating and tazing of copwatcher AirKqqled Accountability; although, SPD is covering up the names of the officers who went "hands on" in that instance of police brutality.

This is why you Always Film the Police Canda Press Police accountability journalists working primarily in the 209 and 916


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