Stockton PD stalks black man until they make up PC to cite

Stockton PD stalks black man until they fake a charge for "no lights"

Yesterday's video "Stockton PD Racist Stop: On-air racial profiling, follow, stop for speeding, Cuff, and Search" was actually part 2. This video is part 1 because a few days earlier we had filmed much the same thing.

With a lot of effort, we did get the citing officers name: Courtlyn Chappell #2668.
Chappell has been involved in at least one officer involved shooting, the shooting of Rodrigo Nayotl-Acuahuitl.

Officers caught doing racist stuff do not like to give their names, and that was the case tonight. All refused to ID, except Chappell. Chappell very reluctantly finally complied with SPD policy after numerous demands.

Stockton PD stalked this guy for 10 minutes while he was in 7/11 on Country Club based on him being black. They then follow him and then pull him over for no-headlights; a charge for which they had no PC. It is not dark (VC24250); as my dashcam shows and sunset was only 22 minutes before. Racial profiling is Stockton PD policy and we have filmed it repeatedly. This is life under the boot of Chief Jones and Mayor Michael Tubbs. If you see police, please do your community a favor and put a camera on them. Every single time. Pull over and help your brother by putting a camera on the cops in your community.


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