Radio Feed: Four teens killed in crash during chase by CHP - Tracy Blvd.

 The following is radio feed of the CHP chase resulting in a crash on Tracy Blvd that killed four teens. The radio call is very graphic so please judge for yourself if you want to hear it.

The incident has affected us greatly and we pray for all the families and friends involved. We debated publishing it; however, our community lost four bright young lives and the community deserves answers. The CHP's initial reports of the incident are incorrect as reported in the news. As the feed shows, the CHP never discontinued he chase and in fact had an officer stationed at Tracy Blvd to intercept the vehicle and at least one still chasing. You can read the initial reports here: Feed downloaded from Time is approximate and based on the feed begin time on broadcasitfy listed as 7:05.

Video taken the next day by Canda Press


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